Make your life easier with Exogenous Ketones! I personally went on them after the first month because as much as I might have made it sound easy to completely stay away from your main carbs such as rice, noodles, bread, etc. The truth is.. It wasn't THAT easy! If you're just starting on the diet, pairing it with Exogenous Ketones are going to help you tremendously! I found that drinking it has brought down my cravings for carbs and some of my friends who LOVE rice actually found themselves losing all feels for it while they're on the supplements! The supplements I take basically puts your body into the state of Ketosis within an hour of intake and yes, that means your body is now a fat burning machine! Sounds easy? Yes, it's that easy! Now with the supplements, I get to cheat a little more, take a little more carbs and yes, I'm still constantly burning my fats but please please always remember that Exogenous Ketones are NOT a carb blocker or a guilt eraser after you cheat on your Keto Diet. They're also not a weight loss supplement, neither is it a detox product that leas to magical weight loss. Ingesting the supplements basically puts you into Ketosis which helps rebalance blood sugar, ghrelin and leptin, all of which can cause out of control hunger and cravings. Ketones also help to lower appetite all by themselves which makes in my opinion basically makes life easier for anyone working to lose weight!

If you're looking at getting them, you can check out my link at there is also a super informative video on the page that can give your a better understanding of how it works! You can also hit me up via any means of contact if you'd like to find out more from me personally! 

"Consumption of ketone supplements was found to be more effective for reducing body weight than low-carbohydrate and high-fat ketogenic diets, a new study has suggested. In the study, researchers from The University of Alabama in the US, found that ketone supplements decreased body fat and body weight on mice that were placed on a high-fat diet.

The findings could have implications for an alternative to low-carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic diets to help lower body fat and weight. “The difficulties of losing and keeping off weight are well known. This study forms the basis for developing human studies to explore how ketone supplements could help people lose and keep off weight,” said Eric P. Plaisance, Assistant Professor at the varsity.

In the study, published in The FASEB Journal, the team fed all the mice a high-fat diet for 12 weeks. Later, they placed the obese mice in three random groups and observed them for another 12 weeks. During this period, the first group — the control group — remained on the high-fat diet. The second group also remained on the high-fat diet but were given a ketone supplement that replaced 30% of their prior caloric intake.

In addition, the third group which remained on the high-fat diet were given approximately 25% fewer calories to closely match the caloric intake produced by the ketone supplement.

The results showed that the mice in the group that received ketone supplements experienced greater weight loss than the mice in the third group that received similar caloric intake. This implied that the ketone supplements either increased calories expended or decreased calories available for storage." -


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