"Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as means of escape."

I think its no longer a secret that as much as I enjoy the company of my friends most of the time, there are times where I would just want to be alone for a few days. Not to run away from the world but to spend some alone time and reflect on my life. It's like a break, a detox from my own toxic life.

I take breaks every once in awhile. When I have more time, I'd travel miles away from home. To be away for awhile, to explore the world and to immerse in a new culture but sometimes I just want some quiet time and when it doesn't make sense to travel too far, that’s when I’d opt for a staycation instead.  

So then you may ask why can't I stay at home. Well, it's just different. Yes I can always just lock myself in my room and be all alone but trust me, if a break is what you need, you need a break from home too (;

So some time late last year, I checked into Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore where their guest rooms just recently got a complete refurbish. Sitting on Tanglin Road, the hotel is situated in a quiet and serene environment which was ideal for my personal getaway. Well, but if you're on a holiday or want to have some fun, don't worry because the hotel is also just a 5 mins ride away from Orchard Road where it's buzzing and a shopping paradise to locals and tourists!

I got to experience first hand the comfort of their brand new Executive Suite which was equipped with everything I needed from free WiFi, USB charger outlets, a Nespresso machine (with free coffee capsules hehehe) and a fridge stocked up with with complimentary refreshments!

They prepared these absolutely yummy cookies for me which got me craving for more. Oh I need a cookie right now.

The suite also features a sitting room, workspace and pantry which is separated by sliding doors from the bedroom.

What intrigued me the most was the decor of the entire suite. How it was very stylish but yet still cozy and comfy. You know how sometimes some rooms can come off as a little too cold? Like there just isn't the warmth touch. That kind of rooms just turn me off completely. Here, I can feel the warmth. Like every corner was carefully crafted. Feels like there's this human touch to it that wouldn't make you feel lonely even when you're alone because a solitary getaway isn't supposed to make you feel lonely. It's supposed to let you enjoy your own presence and company.

Being checked into the Executive Suit gave me Club benefits and that included access to the Club lounge which is located at level 17 of the hotel.

Cheeses and pastries were served as Mid-afternoon treats along with a range of teas and other beverages.

Well but me being me and always hungry as usual, I couldn't resist ordering a meal off the menu which I think was very reasonably priced considering the fact that I was in a hotel.

Let's be honest here, we all know picky I can get when it comes to food and especially after the fact that I've been living out of Singapore for some time. Local cuisine has always been at the back of my mind whenever I'm out of town and Chicken Rice is always at the top of the list so yes, you can say I'm very very particular about my Chicken Rice but you know what? They aced it.

Chilled for a bit before heading back to the room to just do whatever I want because I can and I'm not telling you what (;

Then came dinner time and I was just too lazy to move so room service for the win. Most hotels serve room service 24 hours but not all of them serve good food. Shall not get into describing my pasta because I'm already feeling very hungry right now but all I can say is that they did it right.

Retired early that night because I had filming the next day but before work, my friend came to join me for breakfast cause why not right?

What a huge spread. I was spoilt for choices, meh.

Breakfast with a view. What a perfect way to start the day.
Headed to work after that and that was about it :-)

You can find out more about the hotel at! Oh yes, their all-day dining restaurant J65 opened recently and I've heard reviews and raves about it and I really really can't wait to head down to try their food soon! Will update you guys about it after my visit! (;