Why am I so crazy over this whole #ketolifestyle

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So I believe many of you must be wondering why I'm so crazy about sharing anything Keto and everything I know about the whole Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Alright, sales talk aside - so through these couple of months, we have seen how I've been sharing very crazily and massively about Keto Diet, the Ketogenic lifestyle and the Exogenus Ketones.

For those who has followed me for years - I'm definitely not someone who will share so much about something and my recent sharing has definitely got some people thinking - IS HE EARNING FROM THIS?! Truth is, yes I am. I want to be frank. From each box of Exogenous Ketones you guys buy I do earn a bit but is it a lot? Honestly... Compared to the amount I'm sharing, not at all. I can in fact earn way more and even easier when I just take up Instagram adverts and campaigns cause that just requires me to know what the client wants and share what they want me to share but this is different - for this, it requires a lot of time and effort on each and every single individual who buys from me cause I make it a point to guide everyone from how to make their purchase to how they can prepare themselves all the way till how to take the supplements and what changes you can make to get the best results.

 I also try my best to follow up with every single person who buys from me every now and then to see how they're feeling and how much they have gained out of taking the supplements. Also cause this is something that people put INTO their body, I've done tons and tons of research to make sure that it's not going to harm in the long run.

So when people come running to me asking if it will damage the body or if it actually works - the thing is... If it harms the body, would I take myself? Would I allow my parents to take it? With my small little status in the entertainment scene, I also have a reputation to protect. Imagine you die cause of this - hello, there goes my main career 😂

So whether it works or not... All of you have seen my results and that is also why I make it a point to guide every individual through this process based on the way it worked for me and so far... It seems to work pretty well for almost everyone around as long as they follow my guide 😌

The next question I always get is - can I still do the Keto Diet without the supplements? YES YOU CAN! I started doing a pure Ketogenic diet but why do I always still suggest people to start their journey with the supplements is because I've done it before without the supplements and I know how hard and almost impossible it is if you don't have the will power and motivation. It's to make your life easier and it's not just so I can earn your money because the money I earn from each box HONESTLY to me up till date, I still don't feel can match up to the work I've done.

So why am I still doing this you ask? The truth is because it REALLY REALLY is super inspiring and satisfying whenever someone comes back to tell me how much this has helped and changed their life and that was what kept me going and that was what kept me sharing Jon stop even if it meant my followers and engagements dropped like mad (it's true, go take a look - so many people found that my sharing is too much and has unfollowed me).

So yes I've seen and enjoyed the benefits and I just really wish I can help people who has similar goes and wants.

Okay that's all for this post. The next time I'll share about how this changed my life completely in just a few months. Stay tuned for that (; 


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